web 2.0 technologies

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web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: web 2.0 technologies

1. video-sharing sites

1.1. showing people what your bussiness offers via video sharing

2. hosted services

2.1. remote system hosting the requested services

3. web applications

3.1. software application that is hosted in a browser-controlled enviroment

4. sosial-networking sites

4.1. conneting people from different bussinesses and helps people to interact and also communicate via facebook , mxit , twitter , my space ect.

5. wikis

5.1. to create collabrative websites

5.2. profesional note taking

5.3. knowledge management

5.4. to power community websites

6. blogs

6.1. people can write on this page to help onenother and share a few thaughts. It also enables employees to interact as online communities

7. mashups

7.1. creates a new service to combine data , help client application and has fast intergration. This is very helpfull and easy to use

8. folksonomies

8.1. collabrative tagging

8.1.1. creating and manageing tags