Users want to share with FTPS and SFTP

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Users want to share with FTPS and SFTP by Mind Map: Users want to share with FTPS and SFTP

1. Users want to control their content

1.1. Dont trust Screencast

1.1.1. Dont know Screencast privacy settings Only interact with Screencast with Jing

1.2. Users want to embed content onto own blog or site

1.2.1. user is L33T

1.2.2. Doesnt know Screencast can embed Default button is URL

1.2.3. Afraid of broken links from Screencast

1.2.4. Only knows how to embed local content examples online show how to use FTP

1.3. Already owns personal FTP server

1.3.1. Trys to follow conventional security

1.3.2. Doesnt know how to setup anyway different

2. User has no control over the FTP server

2.1. Use a hosting company for FTP

2.1.1. hosting sites policy to use security

2.1.2. same server as website

3. User wants to share to company FTP server

3.1. Company doesnt allow sharing to external sources

3.1.1. Don't trust Screencast

3.1.2. Need to keep all resources internal Intellectual property Contracting prevents government policies Personal Data

3.2. Company restricts internet access with proxy

3.2.1. Cant talk to Screencast

3.2.2. can't allow jing to user proxy dont know creds

3.3. Company doesnt allow viewing Screencast

3.4. Firewall

4. SFTP is better experience for some users

4.1. loss of connections for FTP

4.2. support sites dont support both FTPS or SFTP