Vanessa Rodriguez Smart Phones

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Vanessa Rodriguez Smart Phones by Mind Map: Vanessa Rodriguez Smart Phones

1. iPhone

1.1. Pros:

1.1.1. There's also the chance that Apple could go even further in borrowing from iPad.

1.1.2. It came up right after the iPad was introduced and hasn't been mentioned since.

1.1.3. OS for the iPhone and the modified OS for the iPad will merge into one operating system

1.1.4. When that will be though is up for debate iPhone OS 4.1 in September or October.

1.1.5. Built-in memory

1.1.6. iTunes App Store

1.1.7. Full QWERY (virtual) keyboard

1.1.8. Wi-Fi support

1.1.9. Safari browser

1.2. Cons:

1.2.1. Wi-Fi syncing: We would've really liked it if we could sync or back up our information on the iPhone over Wi-Fi instead of having to plug in our USB cable.

1.2.2. Built-in photo editing: We know you can get third-party photo editors on the iPhone but it would be nice to have a built-in one as well.


2. Blackberry Storm

2.1. Cons:

2.1.1. The BlackBerry Storm with the stock update from Verizon is a clunky piece of junk.

2.1.2. BlackBerry releases really good updates that fix almost all of the chunkiness, but Verizon won’t make them official.

2.1.3. The browser, which is one of the most important things to me, is clunky in comparison with the iPhone.

2.1.4. You also have to view one web page at a time. The Apple iPhone allows you to open a lot of windows at a time, and it runs way smoother.

2.2. Pros:

2.2.1. Stereo Bluetooth capability

2.2.2. New Removable battery

2.2.3. Expandable memory

2.2.4. Video recording

2.2.5. Works as a tethered modem

2.2.6. Copy and paste

2.2.7. Multitasking


3. New node