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Portable Devices:Their processors and operating systems 2010-Q1 by Mind Map: Portable Devices:Their processors and operating systems 2010-Q1
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Portable Devices:Their processors and operating systems 2010-Q1




Netbook vs iPad Saphaire Nieve and Iashah Niazi

Saphaire Nieves the iPad is similar to the iPhone. Differences: not the same 3G unless you pay extra and it won't fit in your pocket. The iPad's lack of Adobe Flash support, problem for browsing. For every site that now offers HTML5-based video as an alternative to Flash, there are still scores of sites containing Flash ads, navigation, and applications that will simply break on the iPad. The browsing on an iPad is great. Don't have tabs in the browser, open several pages at once and flip between them. Browser on the iPad is Apple's safari. Easy to move around and zoom in. iPad good to play games with. Great apps on the iPad costs $. iPad no local storage so it is a pain on moving documents around. Features within Excel and Word (such as macros and drop-down boxes) won't work properly, either. On-screen keyboard good for browsing, small reminders not well for taking notes or writing papers.

Saphaire Nieves Netbook is a PC: access to any browser you choose. The screen, small, can't zoom in or rotate easily like an iPad.Support for Flash, and Silverlight.Wording hard to read> small screen. Can't run high definition movies smoothly, hard to run flash games. It does have a keyboard iPad does not, useful for typing assignments. Netbooks, fully run excel, word, and power point. Travel size. For long trips or crowded places. Unlike the iPad, you do not have to email documents to yourself, you can easily save it right on to the netbook.


dual core

Nvidia's Optimus Transforms the Laptop PC

Differences From a Lab Top to a Notebook.

Carriers, 3G, 4G


3G provides accelerated data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities for an amazing wireless voice and data experience.



CES 2010 Best Notebook: IdeaPad U1 Hybrid