Business web 2,0 technologies

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Business web 2,0 technologies by Mind Map: Business web 2,0 technologies

1. Technology has reduced cost to alot of time consuming labours which could result in alot of money being lost in the enterprise.

2. There are laws out there that can now protect people from unlawful usage of technology.

3. Although there are many challenges facing people who wish to advance in technology today it maybe difficult to penetrate the market.

4. There are various media forms out there that help a great number of people mass media.

5. There is an increase in wireless technolgy use and various websites are in existance which help in the continued growth of the business enterprise.

6. managing information systems

6.1. Business can advance by using functional business processes

7. its difficult to monitor and foster the different relationships that they have out there.

8. They have various, contituencies, leadership styles, tasks as well as their surrounding environment can influence them

9. Thre are various forms that business organisations can take and there is a standard form that they need to take.

10. Informatiion systems are helpful to imerging businesses

11. Information systems, organisations and bifferent stategies

12. How business can advance by using electronic business technology

12.1. E-Commerce and E-Business

13. Global Business today

14. There is a relationship between organisations and information technologies, but it is influenced by a number of factors that are sometimes out of the enterprises hands.

15. It is not easy for the different companies that engage in technological advances to maintain a competitive advantage.

16. They can benefit a number of people by that they allow for each business enterprise to branch out and expend so as to have relations with the rest of the world.