Computer Input/Output

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Computer Input/Output by Mind Map: Computer Input/Output

1. Voice Reconization

1.1. Benefits

1.2. Increase document creation speed

1.3. Increase accurately in spelling

1.4. No hands-people with writing disabilities can use

1.5. Challenges

1.6. Confusion cause by accent & speech patterns

1.7. Misinterpetation

1.8. Environmental interferences (background noises)

1.9. Physical discomfort i.e. hoarseness, dry mouth and loss of voice due to extended talking

2. Printers

2.1. Benefits

2.2. Print multiple copies

2.3. True life color

2.4. View how other will see document

2.5. Make permanent records

2.6. Difficult to manipulate

2.7. Challenges

2.8. Can be costly to operate

2.9. Short life span

2.10. One dementional