DND Campaign Ideas

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DND Campaign Ideas by Mind Map: DND Campaign Ideas

1. Gladiatorial/Games

1.1. Arena

1.1.1. Joust longsword after lost Lance Riding eagles, no longsword

1.1.2. FFA mixed weaponry heavy weaponry light weaponry double weapons light armor no armor

1.1.3. Event Themed Combat Pirate Ships Beast Hunts Underdark

1.1.4. Team Fight 2v4 2v2

1.2. Magical

1.2.1. Summoner's Chess Golem Chess Traditional

1.2.2. Tower Flight

1.3. Event Complication

1.3.1. Various magical effects throughout combat

1.3.2. arrow rain throughout match

2. Anti-Magic

2.1. Army

2.1.1. Infantry Conscript(L1 Commoner) Soldier(L1 Warrior) Elite Soldier(L3 Warrior) Professional Soldier(L2 Fighter)

2.1.2. Calvary Horseman(L1 Warrior) Knight(L3 Fighter) Calvary(L3 Warrior) Lancer(L2 Fighter)

2.1.3. Support Archer(L1 Warrior) Horse Archer(L2 Fighter) Medic(L1 Disciple)

2.1.4. Artillery Ballista Operator(L1 Expert) Catapult Operator(L1 Expert) Divine Bombardier (L3 Disciple)

2.1.5. Specialist Griffon Rider (L4 Fighter)

2.2. Church

2.2.1. High Priests Heporver (L10 Cleric/L4 High Priest of Restaz Enstia (L10 Cleric/L5 High Priest of Restaz) Zelyat (Level 8 Cleric/L5 High Priest of Restaz)

2.2.2. Priests Preacher (L3 Cleric) Healer (L4 Cleric) Priest (L5 Cleric)

2.2.3. Disciple Confessor (L1 Disciple) Adept (L3 Disciple) Devout (L4 Disciple) Disciple-in-training (L2 Disciple)

2.3. Inquisition

2.4. Superstition

2.5. Character Prerequisites

2.5.1. Arcane Sorceror Wizard

2.5.2. Martial NONE

2.5.3. Divine Cleric not of Restaz Paladin not of Restaz

3. Undead Invasion

3.1. Religious Priest raising fervor

3.1.1. Disciple Class

3.1.2. Mid-level cleric leader

3.1.3. prestige class like holy prostelyzer

3.1.4. lots of commoners, fewer disciples

3.2. Army

3.2.1. Plenty of humans

3.2.2. doesn't have enough elves

3.2.3. need to add dwarves

3.2.4. add half elves?

3.2.5. gnomes/halflings?

3.3. Undead Army

3.3.1. wights with class levels?

3.3.2. ghouls with class levels?

3.4. Underground

3.4.1. Drow + Duergar fighting Dwarves

3.4.2. Mind Flayers deep?

3.5. Possible Undead Allies

3.5.1. Outsiders, no material plane residents

3.5.2. Mind Flayers/Beholders?

3.6. Potential Allies

3.6.1. Orcs

3.6.2. Trolls

3.6.3. Goblins

3.6.4. Lizardmen

3.6.5. Kobolds

3.6.6. Good Dragons

3.6.7. Outsiders

3.6.8. Legendary Creatures

4. Ways to kill Players

4.1. Hugged by dragon and minotaur

4.2. Falling anvil

4.3. Eaten by a beholder

4.4. Made thrall to a mind flayer

4.5. Evil clerics

4.6. Random stalagtite

4.7. Put inside a close portable hole

4.8. Buried inside the sun

4.9. Standing by a portable hole put in a bag of holding

4.10. Smacked with a laptop

4.11. Avalanche

4.12. Knocked into quicksand by blizzard

4.13. Flash flood

4.14. Tornado summoned from the sky rips up a large pine tree and impales him with it

4.15. Josh

4.16. Fire rains from the sky to destroy the world

4.17. Angel of death hunts him down

4.18. Eaten by the Tarrasque