Web 2.0 Business Uses

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Web 2.0 Business Uses by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Business Uses

1. Definition: associated with web applications that assist information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the WWW.

2. Uses

2.1. Wikis: website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interrelated web pages via a web browser using a simple markup language or a text editor, this will help businesses interact share and add data to certain projects .

2.2. Mashups: When companies mix and match software components in order to create customized applications and share information with others therefore resulting in software applications.

2.3. Video Sharing:A video hosting service allows individuals to upload video clips to an Internet website.

2.4. Social Networking:A Web site that lets people upload and share their video clips to the public at large or to invited guests. Acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube became the most popular video sharing site on the Web.

2.5. RSS: Most commonly expanded as "Really Simple Syndication", syndicates web site content so that it can be used in another setting therefore pulling certain content from other web sites and directs it to users computers where it can be stored.

3. Technologies and services that distinguish Web 2.0.

3.1. Cloud Computing

3.2. RSS

3.3. Blogs

3.4. Widgets

3.5. Wikis

4. Advantages

4.1. Web 2.0 tools are designed to promote collaborative and constructivist learning.

4.2. Web 2.0 tools promote creativity and address individual student needs.

4.3. Web-based tools permit learning outside traditional classroom and laboratory spaces.

4.4. Networked communication tools are common in the workplace; schools must prepare students to use these tools effectively.

5. Disadvantages

5.1. It is time consuming. Web 2.0 is about relationship-driven marketing, and it takes time to cultivate thousands of relationships online.

5.2. It is not immediate.

6. Businesses that Use Web 2.0

6.1. Myspace

6.2. WordPress

6.3. Flickr

6.4. YouTube