Web 2.0 Technologies and business

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Web 2.0 Technologies and business by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Technologies and business

1. Blogs

1.1. Channel to communicate with customers

1.2. Broadcasting some positive business news for consumers

1.3. Build a network/customer base of people that will form links to your business

1.4. Enhance reputation and credability

2. Podcasts

2.1. To reach multiple audience

2.2. Acheive greater employee communication

2.3. Hold seminars for all employees no matter where they are

2.4. 30 second advertising which will be inexpensive

3. Wikis

3.1. Add greatest value

3.2. Software that allowes employees to contributre to online documantation

3.3. Share knowledge informally

3.4. Help answer FAQ

4. Mashups

4.1. Combining technologies

4.2. Create a distinct application e.g displaying locations on maps

5. CRM

5.1. Find out what customers like and dislike

5.2. Help with suggestions and improvements

6. RSS

6.1. Improve coporate communication

6.1.1. Keeep suppliers updated with company info

6.1.2. Keep customers updated with company info

6.2. Promote globalization