Translation Practice

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Translation Practice by Mind Map: Translation Practice

1. Fully explained modeling of translation. If you are struggling. Do this first! Discipuli ad templum altrum matuaverunt.

1.1. 1. Start with the words.

1.1.1. Verb? Matuaverunt Number and Person? Tense? Meaning?

1.1.2. Nouns? Discipuli Case and Number? Meaning? Templum Case and number? Meaning?

1.1.3. Prepositions Ad What case does 'ad' take?

1.1.4. Anything else? Altrum, an adjective Case, number, and gender?

1.2. 2. Start putting it together

1.2.1. Subject + Verb + Objects Subject Looking at the verb, do we expect a nominative noun? Remember we only see nominatives with 3rd person verbs. Verb They Hasten Objects? There is that prepositional phrase. The preposition is ad. Ad takes the accusative. What noun is in the accusative case? What about that adjective, Altrum? Which noun matches altrum in case, number, and gender?

1.3. 3. Translation

1.3.1. The students hastened to the high temple.

2. Bona Matrona auxilium captivo donat.

2.1. Start with the words

2.1.1. Verb? Donat Person and number? Tense? Meaning?

2.1.2. Nouns? Matrona Case and Number? Meaning? Auxilium Case and Number? Meaning? Captivo Case and Number? Meaning?

2.1.3. Anything else? Bona Case, number, and gender? What noun matches in case number and gender?

2.2. Translation

2.2.1. The good woman gives help to the captive.

3. Magnum praemium nuntiare vocabimus.

3.1. Start with words

3.1.1. Verbs? Vocabimus Number and person? Tense? Meaning? Nuntiare Number and person? Tense? Meaning?

3.1.2. Nouns? Premium Case and number? Meaning?

3.1.3. Anything else? Adjective? Magnum

3.2. Translation

3.2.1. We will call to announce the great reward.

4. Meum puerum videre speraveram.

4.1. Start with words

4.1.1. Verbs? Speraveram Person and number? Tense? Meaning Videre Person and number? Tense? Meaning?

4.1.2. Nouns Puerum Case and number? Meaning?

4.1.3. Anything else? Adjective? meum

4.2. Translation

4.2.1. I had hoped to see my boy.