Provide analysis tool for decision making

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Provide analysis tool for decision making by Mind Map: Provide analysis tool for decision making

1. data synthesis

1.1. data collecting

1.1.1. collecting data from data sources collecting data from Administration collecting data from Workers collecting data from Distributors collecting data from Engineers collecting data from Operators

1.1.2. share valuable data with other data processors provide data for authorised partners sharing data via social media

1.2. data pre-processing

1.2.1. convert data into analyzable format convert various source data into uniform style

1.2.2. retrieve valuable data from mess adjust the data structure filter non-meaningful data filter error data

2. data analysis

2.1. support models

2.1.1. system dynamic model analysis

2.1.2. casual model analysis

2.2. analysis functions

2.2.1. scenarios provide function for analysing under different scenarios user create/modify/delete/catagorize/... of scenarios supported scenarios types

2.2.2. region

2.2.3. critical values

2.2.4. indicator

2.2.5. capacity analysis

2.2.6. explanation

2.2.7. discussion

2.2.8. compare analysts

2.2.9. compare regions

2.2.10. compare indicators

2.2.11. gis

2.2.12. capacities

2.2.13. norms

2.2.14. management

2.2.15. models

2.2.16. documents

2.3. gengerate


3. data interpreting

3.1. visualize data in various forms

3.1.1. types diagrams/charts barchart linechart columncharts piechart scatterplot

3.1.2. others map

3.1.3. tables

3.2. linking data and showing with online sources

3.2.1. linking data with GIS system

3.3. provide report for decision making

3.3.1. provide report

3.3.2. recommend strategies

3.3.3. alert potential risks

4. extendable platform

4.1. plugin-based extentions

4.1.1. data connection interface

4.1.2. data pro-processing process

4.1.3. data format

4.1.4. data analysis activities

4.1.5. visualisation diagram types

4.2. cloud services integration

4.2.1. integrate analysis service with national disaster prevention platform

4.2.2. integrate analysis service with national rescue center

4.2.3. ...