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Logistic Trends 2014 by Mind Map: Logistic Trends 2014
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Logistic Trends 2014


Circular Economy & Sustainability

Global Uncertainty & Volatility

Omni-Channel Business Models

Regional Empowerment

Collaborative Crowd Economy

Technology Trends

Big Data / Open Data

Cloud Logistics

Autonomous Logistics

3D Printing

Robotics & Automation

Internet of Things

Localization & Local Intelligence

Wearable Technology

Augmented Reality

Low-Cost Sensor Technology

Crypto-currencies & Crypto-payment

Social & Business Trends

Supergrid Logistics

Real-Time Services

Anticipatory Logistics

Urban Logistics

Logistics Marketplaces


Crowd Logistics

Fair Logistics

Grey Power Logistics

Convenience Logistics

Multiple Purpose Networks

Shareconomy Logistics

Near- and X-Shoring

De-Stressing the Supply Chain

Technology Enablers

Internet of 'Everything'

Social Business & Enterprise 2.0

Open Data & Data Sharing

Holistic human-machine interface

Web Fragmentation

Mindmap Author: Marcus Näher

Source: Logistics Trend Radar - Delivering insight today. Creating value tomorrow! (accessed on 15.11.2014)