1B: Discovering Pythagoras

Map for the Discovering Pythagoras VFT, Students will travel to Ancient Greece to discover who Pythagoras was and what kind of world he lived in. They will also discover what contributions he made to the world of mathematics. Afterwards, they will use online simulations to discover the proof of Pythagorean Theorem. Once they understand the Theorem, they will choose where to travel next to see places in today's world that use Pythagorean Theorem! They may just be surprised to see all the pla...

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1B: Discovering Pythagoras by Mind Map: 1B: Discovering Pythagoras

1. Stop 1

1.1. Discover Ancient Greece

1.1.1. Average Day men/boys learned reading, writing, music, math went to school at age 7 used wooden tablets Athletics Got jobs or if they were smart continued school Women/Girls Learned housework, Stayed home with mom cooking sewing married off between ages 13 -16 years old

1.1.2. Clothes older men & girls wore long ones young guys had short ones Slaves had loin clothes

1.2. Who was Pythagoras?

1.2.1. Born 569 BC & Died between 500 - 475 BC

1.2.2. 1st mathmaticiam

1.2.3. Believed that all things were numbers and they have personalities

1.2.4. Studied mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and music studied odd and even numbers, triangular numbers, and perfect numbers. Music and math are related

1.2.5. killed by an angry mob??

2. Stop 2

2.1. What is the Pythagorean Theorem?

2.1.1. a^2 + b^2 = c^2

2.1.2. hypotenuse

2.1.3. legs

2.1.4. area of squares

2.1.5. only works with right triangles

2.1.6. Square Roots

2.2. Prove it!

2.2.1. the total of the legs of the triangle after being squared has to equal the hypotenuse squared

2.2.2. make the short sides into squares and find the area do the same thing to the long side when you add up the two smaller squares they have to equal the area of the bigger square

2.2.3. Picture Set 1

2.2.4. Picture Set 2

2.2.5. Picture Set 3

2.2.6. You can use more than just squares to prove it, if you are using the legs and the hypotenuse

3. Stop 3

3.1. how is the Pythagorean Theorem used in real life?

3.1.1. In football angle of pursuit...same as PT

3.1.2. Firefighters need to know how far to place a ladder away from a burning building to they can save people

3.1.3. Construction workers need it so they can build the right type of building and keep their jobs

3.1.4. Architects

3.1.5. All kinds of Engineers

3.1.6. you need it when you are trying to buy the best flat screen because they give you the distance from one corner to the opposite corner for the size of the tv

3.1.7. Baseball, when you throw from home to second base or first to third

3.1.8. teachers need to know it.

3.1.9. fashion designers when they are making clothes

3.1.10. when you are putting tile or carpet in your house

3.1.11. building a garden

3.1.12. painting a wall

3.1.13. buying a suitcase

3.1.14. planning a roadtrip

4. EQ: What is Pythagorean Theorem and when does it apply?