Shawn Bova's PLN IA (information architecture)

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Shawn Bova's PLN IA (information architecture) by Mind Map: Shawn Bova's PLN IA  (information architecture)

1. I belong to: (enter 5 tools)

1.1. Monster

1.2. Facebook

1.3. Google

1.4. CareerBuilder

1.5. LinkedIn

2. How will I get smarter

2.1. TBD

3. What has been learned

3.1. TBD

4. IA for:

4.1. My ideal career (as specific as you can be)

4.1.1. Web Developer/IT Specialist

5. Fill out your proposed IA, using either the default IA or an adapted version

6. Note which site installation (ning, squarespace or WP) you are planning to use:

6.1. WP

7. Contacts

7.1. Matt Frieburghaus

7.1.1. Professor, Marist College

7.1.2. Website:

7.1.3. LinkedIn:

7.1.4. Facebook:

7.1.5. email: [email protected]

7.1.6. Network: Stacy Barton Filmmaker/production artist Website: email: [email protected] Heath Hanlin Computer animation and audio production Professor, Syracuse University Website: email: [email protected] Facebook: Sean Hovendick New media artist Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Network Louis Libitz Assistant Director / Program Coordinator Website: Facebook: email: [email protected]

7.2. Alan Labouseur

7.2.1. Professor, Marist College

7.2.2. Websites:

7.2.3. LinkedIn:

7.2.4. Facebook:

7.2.5. Google Wave: [email protected]

7.2.6. email: [email protected]

7.2.7. Network: Robert Cannistra Professor, Marist College LinkedIn: email: [email protected] Ron Coleman Professor, Marist College LinkedIn: email: [email protected] Anne Matheus Professor, Marist College LinkedIn: email: [email protected] Network CJ McGregor Web Developer LinkedIn: Facebook: email: [email protected] Bryan Welfel Web Strategist LinkedIn: Facebook: Website: Network Timothy Ondrey Systems Analyst LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: email: [email protected] Jim Weir Vice President of Software Engineering LinkedIn: Joseph Casey Developer at Entropic Studios LinkedIn: Facebook: Blog: Network Anthony Trivino System Analyst/Tester LinkedIn: Facebook: Website:

7.3. Mike Rotatori

7.3.1. Software Developer

7.3.2. LinkedIn:

7.3.3. Facebook:

7.3.4. email: [email protected]

7.3.5. Network Ed Tornick Senior Application Technical Specialist LinkedIn: Network Mike Tedesco VP Product Development and Technology LinkedIn: Network Jim Chochlinski Sr Application Developer LinkedIn: Victor Yelevich Software Engineer LinkedIn:

7.4. Loren Weaver

7.4.1. Recruiter at Kforce

7.4.2. LinkedIn:

7.4.3. Network Tina Merrifield Network Administrator LinkedIn: email: [email protected] Network Alex Merrified President of ComNet Communications LinkedIn: email: [email protected] Bill Sicafuse Technology Recruiter at KForce LinkedIn:

7.5. Chris Auel

7.5.1. Creative Designer

7.5.2. LinkedIn:

7.5.3. Website:

7.5.4. Network Kim Carson Web Designer LinkedIn: Website: Network Marci Fox Project Manager at Unifusion Web Design LinkedIn: Jeremy Morgan Web Developer CDI LinkedIn: