PLN IA (information architecture)

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PLN IA (information architecture) by Mind Map: PLN IA  (information architecture)

1. default IA for:

1.1. My ideal career (as specific as you can be)

1.1.1. Start at Web Design Company in the NYC/ New Jersey area Open own business Get into world of photography

1.2. I belong to: (enter 5 tools)

1.2.1. DeviantArt Used for artist networking and inspiration

1.2.2. Facebook Mostly used for social purposes, want to get more professional

1.2.3. Twitter Used mostly for "getting smarter" following major tech companies and personal for news and tips

1.2.4. getting my resume out there and finding opportunities

1.3. How will I get smarter

1.3.1. By keeping updated in my field reading the news taking more classes talking to people who have had experience

1.4. What has been learned

1.4.1. TBD

2. Fill out your proposed IA, using either the default IA or an adapted version

3. Note which site installation (ning, squarespace or WP) you are planning to use:

3.1. WordPress