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Turtles by Mind Map: Turtles
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Never stop growing

Dietry problems

Snappers are getting even more aggressive

Becoming endangered

Reproduction rate is slow

Hibernation is killing

Habitats destroyed



Vitimin D

Go without food for 3 weeks

Turtles Today

220 species living

Millions of turtles getting importing

1 fossil of still living turtles

Turtle acts



Acts passed in 1973


Oldest egg is over 275 million years old

First turtle known as Hylonomus

Turtles came from Labrynthodonts

Turtle bodies

Has special resporatory system

Permanent shell form special plates

3 chambered heart, 2 atria, ventrical


Has to have a carapace of 4 in.

Has to be free from samonella

posession of endangered turtles are illegal