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Mysteries of the Milky Way by Mind Map: Mysteries of the Milky Way
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Mysteries of the Milky Way

Milky Way Formed

collapse of gas clouds

supernova explosion

absorbing pristine intergalactic gas


from forming a star a dust grain evaparotes and could form a rocky planet, asteriod or become part of star later

silicate dust grains could form a clump then a comet

comets are about 4.6 billion years old, so the dust grains are about 10 billion years old

Milky Way is alive

HVCs show us that our galaxy is still growing

Milky Way was surrounded by intergalactic galaxies

Next 10 billion years in the future the Milky Way will suck up more galaxies

Andromeda Galaxy

Sister Galaxy of Milky Way

Collision course with Andromeda Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy

Milky Way's atmosphere

galaxy's atmosphere is called intersteller medium

intersteller medium is a mixture of temperature, diversity, density, and ionization

Supernova explosions blow giant bubbles

Sun's Corona hotter than surface

Surface is 6,000 kelvins, corona is 1 million kelvins

magnetic fields are stronger, corona is hotter

atronomers don't have tools to measure magnetic field strength, so they use math

other ways of measuring coronal heating is observation of other stars

Most of Milky Way has no life

Needs available materials

Needs to be away from cosmic threats

The regular universe is less habitable than the Milky Way.

Zone of avoidance

Galaxies are everywhere except region of Milky Way

Zone of Avoidance is full of dust and stars

many ways to see through the zone of avoidance such as: by eye, infarred, wavelenghs, 21-centermeter spectral line, and x-rays