Ancient Egyptian Beliefs System

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Ancient Egyptian Beliefs System by Mind Map: Ancient Egyptian Beliefs   System

1. Mummification

1.1. It make about 70 days, covered with natron and dried for 40 days.

1.2. It is for kings, queens and nobles.

1.3. The organs put in a jar call 'canopic jars'.

1.4. The jar would placed next to the body.

1.5. The stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver were removed from the body and preserved with natron.

2. They believed that there was an 'afterlife'

3. Animals

3.1. Cat(Ancient Egyptian)

3.1.1. Cats were very important animals in Ancient Egypt, they were both pets and symbols of cat gods such as Bast.

3.2. Crocodiles(Ancient Egyptian)

3.2.1. The Egyptians both respected and feared the power of the crocodile as they were a real danger to them.

3.3. Hippos(Ancient Egyptian)

3.3.1. The hippopotamus was a danger to boats on the river Nile , and to people working on or near the river banks.

4. Myths

4.1. Isis and Osiris

4.2. The Story of Re

4.3. The Great Queen Hatshepsut

5. Goddesses

5.1. Bastet

5.1.1. Women with a head of a cat.

5.1.2. Bastet was a protective goddess.

5.2. Isis

5.2.1. Isis was a protective goddess. She used powerful magic spells to help people in need.

5.2.2. Woman with headdress in the shape of a throne.

5.3. Seshat

5.3.1. Seshat was the goddess of writing and measurement.

5.3.2. Woman wearing a panther skin dress and a star headdress.

6. Gods

6.1. Anubis

6.1.1. had the head of a jackal

6.2. Aubis brought the dead person to the Hall of the Dead.He weighted the dead person's heart to see if it was heavier than the feather.

6.3. If a person was good then their heart was lighter than the feather.