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CRM plan by Mind Map: CRM plan

1. Lead

1.1. Pipeline

1.1.1. Converting leads Qualified lead Leads that have business value for us Checking that if the leads are suitable for our needs

1.1.2. Pipeline is the channel which all the leads go trough and are eventually processed in to qualified leads

2. Opportunity

2.1. Contact

2.1.1. Purchase order Order is a confirmed sale and an agreement been made by the customer to the company about the order

2.1.2. A person who could be a possible customer

3. Sales

3.1. Sales forecast

3.1.1. Sales quote The desired number of sales

3.1.2. Sales forecast is an estimate or goal for upcoming sales activities

3.2. Sales order

3.2.1. Sales order is a document which is used internally by the company to see the needed information of an order