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SundaySchool thoughts of Luke by Mind Map: SundaySchool thoughts of Luke
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SundaySchool thoughts of Luke

第十三課: 第廿二至廿四章

Luke 22

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Background 背景



The abrupt ending of Acts may be the single most important factor in deriving a date. Luke leaves the reader with Paul being in Rome and waiting to present his case before Caesar. The best explanation for this is that Acts was finished before he Paul's final outcome was known. This would place Acts in the early Sixties with the Gospel of Luke being written in the late Fifties or early Sixties.


Purpose 目的

Extra resources 更多參考資源

Interesting points 有趣的點子

Who's the first prophet?

兩次為耶城哀哭 13&19 有錢人的教導 11-19

Hauerwas, 134 of 敘事與倫理

The Exorcism Stories in Luke-Acts: A Sociostylistic Reading

in order?

Difficult to answer




What did Theophilus think? 提阿非羅在想甚麼???




Luke was not writing to Theophilus exclusively, but that the two-volume work was intended to be distributed for ecclesiastical purposes. 路加的著作並不單為Theophilus而寫,而是刻意為到分給教會而寫的。


第二及三課經文點滴: 路加福音第一至四章

馬利亞點教養耶穌?父糸社會及拉比教育 Unity & Diversity, James Dunn. Pros & cons to it: Not merely one (level of) meaning to the text interpretation; not all texts have more than one meaning; too limited knowledge to investigate, eg. toddler walk, primary kids vote for legislative council... 大學生、博士都不一定啱哂!

Luke 1

Luke 2

Luke 3

Luke 4

第四至六課經文點滴: 路加福第五至六章

Luke 5

Luke 6


第七及八課經文點滴: 路加福音第七至九章

Luke 7

Luke 8

Luke 9

第九課經文點滴: 路加福音第十至十二章

Luke 10

Luke 11

Luke 12

第十課經文點滴: 路加福音第十三至十五章

Luke 13

Luke 14

Luke 15

第十一課經文點滴: 路加福音第十六至十九章

Luke 16

Luke 17

Luke 18

Luke 19

第十二課: 第二十至廿一章

Luke 20