Jeremy Thatcher "Dragon Hatcher"

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Jeremy Thatcher "Dragon Hatcher" by Mind Map: Jeremy Thatcher "Dragon Hatcher"

1. CharacterTraits

1.1. Brave-He went out into the night and hatched the egg, so that the dragon would be born.

1.1.1. Persistant-He searches everywhere, including the library for information about dragons. He reads everything he can find, until he finds what he needs.

2. Relationship Between Characters

2.1. Jeremy and Tiamat are true companions. They can sense what one another feelings and is thinking. Tiamat is protective of Jeremy and helps him learn about himself.

2.1.1. Jeremy and Mary Lou become close because Mary Lou can see Tiamat and understands Jeremy's problems.

3. Questions About Jeremy

3.1. What is Jeremy going to do as Tiamat grows larger?

3.1.1. Will Jeremy ever find out why he was the chosen one to take Tiamat's egg?

4. Character Change

4.1. Jeremy was very shy and lacked confidence at the beginning of the book. He would not talk to Mary Lou or stand-up to his mean teacher.

4.1.1. Toward the end, Jeremy realizes that he can do anything! He begins to recognize his talents as an artist and makes decisions for himself.

5. I think Jeremy will have to release Tiamat or find him a new home. He may have to visit the magical world where Tiamat came from in order to find him a place to live.

6. Yes, I think he was the chosen one because he needed someone in his life. He didn't believe in himself and Tiamat was going to change that.