Kiwi Adventure

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Kiwi Adventure by Mind Map: Kiwi Adventure

1. Programmes Front page blurb coming

1.1. Adventure Days

1.2. School Programmes

1.3. Holiday Programmes

1.4. Youth Programmes

1.5. Whakaara

1.6. Multi sport Training

1.7. Corporate Groups

1.8. Archery

1.9. Duke of Edinburgh To be written

2. Home Is this the layout wanted Is there a video on home page? Anything to do with World Vision?

2.1. Welcome

2.2. News

2.3. Facebook

3. About Our Story Our Team

3.1. Safety

3.2. Volunteers

3.3. Job Vacancies

4. Contact Use info from current site

5. Flaxrock How many columns All on one page?

6. Bottom Menu Do you want a bottom menu?

6.1. Enter

6.2. Merchandise

6.3. Anything else

7. Funding/Donate/ Keep as is

8. Events Triple Peaks G04 Peak Howler