My plan to succeed

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My plan to succeed by Mind Map: My plan to succeed

1. set up 3 actions to achieve short term goals

2. what skills you have to your advantage

3. research career

3.1. look into job requirements and choices

3.2. Evaluate what skills needed

3.3. what the job entails

4. Discuss and discover

4.1. list of learned skills

4.2. what skills you have to use to your advantage

4.3. compare them to the skills needed for career

5. personality traits

5.1. look at personality traits

5.2. determine good traits and ones that need to be improved

6. Goals

6.1. long term

6.1.1. personal

6.1.2. professional

6.1.3. educational

6.2. mid term goals 3

6.2.1. personal

6.2.2. professional

6.2.3. educational

6.3. Short term goals 3

6.3.1. personal

6.3.2. professional

6.3.3. educational