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Documenatation by Mind Map: Documenatation

1. User Documentation

1.1. why: tells the user about the system and how to operate it

1.2. Aimed at end users

2. include:

2.1. DFD

2.2. System Flow Chart

2.3. ERD

2.4. Annotated program listed

2.5. Structure charts

2.6. Data dictionary

3. Includes:

3.1. Input/Output procedures

3.2. Index/Content

3.3. Glossary

3.4. Backing up

3.5. error messages to look out for

3.6. FAQ

3.7. Maintenance on files

3.8. Hardware specification

3.9. Instructions on how to operate the system

4. Technical

4.1. why: designed for future systems and developers. shows how each part of a system is constructed and the decision process