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Autism by Mind Map: Autism

1. Prevention

1.1. Pregnancy

1.1.1. Pros Vitamins Regular Check-Ups No Drugs smoking alcohol

1.1.2. Cons Vaccinations - Not everyone wants to vaccinate their children lack of Rubella Vaccination could lead to Rubella associated autism Are these myths? Are they necessary? seizure medication - is this life threatening?

1.2. Exposure to Environemental Factors

1.2.1. Pros May reduce risks

1.2.2. Cons Air Pollution Chemical Toxins Is this too restricting?

2. Treatment

2.1. Cons

2.1.1. No Cure!

2.1.2. Results are not guarenteed

2.1.3. Can be aggravating and painful for patient

2.1.4. Expensive

2.1.5. Time consuming

2.1.6. Some forms of therapy do not fit many patients with Autism.

2.2. Pros

2.2.1. Early Intervention Therapy Physical Behavior Can be very helpful and effect the growth of the child, especially with social sills

3. Research

3.1. more important bceause many people with autism also have other diseases and finding a cure for autism could help explain links to other diseases (down syndrome, genetic disorders, aspbergers)

3.2. Ussing Eye contact to diagnose autism with kids at least 2 months old

3.2.1. Pros Early intervention can help children grow up easily not invasive or troubling for young children

3.2.2. Cons Could be expensive for parents New research, is it always correct?

3.3. Inflamation during pregnancy can lead to weak brain system for children - can result in autism

3.3.1. Pros helps identify more causes for autism Can help pregnant women take more cautionary measures

3.3.2. Cons Parents will have to make decisions about their children, before they are born with autism It is morally ok to give parents the choice to abort a child if they know they have a disease.

3.4. Environment can effect severity of autism in Twins

3.4.1. Pros Could provide information for a variety of other diseases that link to genetic mutation

3.4.2. Cons Could this help with children who are not twins? Could take a long time not very developed research currently