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WHY? by Mind Map: WHY?
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does this play have staying power?

Is it as relevant today?

does S like to kill everybody in his plays?

didn't the M and C still hate each other at the end?

does J not run away?

does S allow confusion and controversy between characters?

does Paris hide in the bushes?

did J not want to marry Paris?

is R and J a romantic play?

don't they do the play in modern English?

does S not write in prose?

is R and J considered such a great play?

doesn't the Friar tell Romeo personally?

would this play be more popular during S's time?

Are the two lovers so ready to kill themselves?

does R jump to conclusions so quickly?

are so many other plays based on this?

not a happy ending?

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doesn't S tell us what the dispute was about?

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