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WHY? by Mind Map: WHY?

1. does this play have staying power?

1.1. Is it as relevant today?

2. does S like to kill everybody in his plays?

3. didn't the M and C still hate each other at the end?

4. does J not run away?

5. does S allow confusion and controversy between characters?

6. does Paris hide in the bushes?

7. did J not want to marry Paris?

8. is R and J a romantic play?

9. don't they do the play in modern English?

10. does S not write in prose?

11. is R and J considered such a great play?

12. doesn't the Friar tell Romeo personally?

13. would this play be more popular during S's time?

14. Are the two lovers so ready to kill themselves?

15. does R jump to conclusions so quickly?

16. are so many other plays based on this?

17. not a happy ending?

17.1. New node

18. doesn't S tell us what the dispute was about?

19. New node

20. New node

21. New node

22. New node

23. New node

24. New node

25. New node

26. New node