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Prepositions by Mind Map: Prepositions

1. Of time

1.1. I have a meeting at 9am

1.2. Do you think we will go to Jupiter in the future?

1.3. Her birthday is on 20 November

1.4. Where will you be on New Year's Day?

1.5. Daniel went home at lunchtime.

2. Of place

2.1. The supermarket is next to/beside the bank.

2.2. Our house is by the river.

2.3. The shop is between the bank and the train station.

2.4. The church is behind the school.

2.5. The hotel is in front of the station.

2.6. The ball is under the chair.

3. Of direction

3.1. .

3.2. You must walk across the street at the crosswalk

3.3. He's walking along the path

3.4. Let's go for a walk around the park.

3.5. I prefer to ride my bike down the hill.

3.6. We went into the shop on the corner.

3.7. We get off the train at the next stop.

3.8. We can get onto the bus here.

3.9. You must cross over the bridge.

3.10. Go past Main Street and turn left at the next street.

3.11. You must turn on your lights when passing through the tunnel.

3.12. Who is that woman running towards us?

3.13. I don't like riding my bike up these hills.