Location's affect on

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Location's affect on by Mind Map: Location's affect on

1. Production

1.1. Availability of resources

1.2. Type of production process to be used

1.3. Quality might be affected

1.4. Number of competitors and how threatening they are

1.5. Availability of suppliers

1.6. Availability of complementary services, distributors and utility services

2. HR

2.1. Sufficient Amount of Suitable Workforce?

2.2. Skills & Training needs required in new location

2.3. Are there trade unions?

2.4. cost of labour

2.5. # of managers/employees willing to relocate

3. Marketing

3.1. Marketing Opportunities need to be identified

3.2. Product availabilty in that specific area has to considered.

3.3. Moral and ethics need to be considered for promotional strategies

3.4. Identify customer profile in the area

3.5. Sufficient distribution networks.

3.5.1. Customer profile in the area

4. Finance

4.1. Costs of land

4.2. Available sources of finance

4.3. Tax rates and insurance costs

4.4. Tax concessions in the new location

4.5. Expected break even

4.6. Costs of machinery, vehicles, and equipment

4.7. Costs of transport

4.8. Costs of obtaining licenses and permits