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Match2Care Care Recipient Profiles by Mind Map: Match2Care
Care Recipient
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Match2Care Care Recipient Profiles

To make meaningful improvements to the process of matching Support Workers to Care Recipients, detailed need- and experience profiles have to be defined. The Care Recipient Need Profile The Support Worker Experience Profile The Care Provider / Host Service Profile The Match2Care tool is designed to optimise the matching of profile criteria

Basic Care Regular (BCR)

Receives typically 4 to 7 hrs per week in care care comprises home help, companion and respite care

Basic Care Max (BCM)

Basic Care Entry(BCE)

Standard Care Regular (SCR)

needs more than 15 and up to 25 hrs / week in care

Standard Care Max (SCM)

Standard Care Entry (SCE)

Complex Care Regular (CCR)

needs 75 - 100 hrs/week in care. total amount of care dollars per annum 75 to 100K, is a potential Direct Payment or Direct Employment user / participant has excellent admin system and all financial details at her / his finger tips and supervises / executes payroll & invoicing process has on-line access to Support Worker availability, Support Worker Experience Profiles and Work References, Police Check etc. needs  hoisting, legrolling and showering experience  

Complex Care Max (CCM)

Complex Care Entry (CCE)