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EdTech + Design by Mind Map: EdTech + Design
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EdTech + Design

ETEC 522 - Ventures in Learning Tech

Pitch Legacy Submission

Venture Pitch

Animated Short for Pitch

Code Education OER

Education Venture Analysis

ETEC 510 - Design of TSL Learning Environments

Design Proposal

Design Prototype

Knowledge Building Construct Post

Gaming is Serious Play Post

ETEC 511 Foundations of EdTech

Scholarly Essay

Multimedia Case Study

Various Journal Posts

ETEC 565A - Selection Design Application

Framework Collection Spreadsheet

Custom Moodle Module & Theme

Moodle Exam/Quiz

Multiple Reflections & Posts

ETEC 532 - Technology in the Arts & Humanities

Collaborative Inquiry Site

Annotated Bibliography & Lit Review

Vignette 1 Post

Subverting Prescription Post

ETEC 512 Learning Theory Application

Thought Papers

Pedagogical Stance

Information Processing Presentation

ETEC 565M Mobile & Open Education

DIY Google Search Skills Resource

Journal Entries on Mobile & Open tools

Emerging Trend Posts

ETEC 500 Research Methods

Research Proposal

Stakeholders & Questions

Challenges of Design Research

ETEC 540 - Changing Spaces of Reading & Writing

Group Multimedia Project

Aesthetics & Phenomenology

Typewriter Documentary Video

Text Storage Post

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