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Relationship Tree by Mind Map: Relationship Tree
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Relationship Tree


Brother-in Law of Uzowulu


A boy that comes to the Umuofia and goes to Okonwko's house hold. Later is killed as a sacrifice.


Unoka: Father of Okonkwo

First Wife

Second wife Ekwefi


Agbala: The Oracle

Ogbuefi Ezeudu

The oldest man in the village

Son, died during Ezeudu's funeral by Okownko's gun


Wife: Mgbafo

Obierika: friend of Okonkwo

Maduka : son of Obierika, wresting champion

Uchendu: uncle of Okonwko mother side



Mr. Kiaga: Black man who acts as an bridge to change his fellow blacks to Christians

Mr. Brown : the white missionary

Reverend James Smith: successor of Mr. Brown

Okeke: interpreter

The District Commissioner: judge of Umuofia