Comprehension Skills

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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills

1. Inferring

1.1. Meaning

1.1.1. Figuring something the author does not state How? Using clues from the text or knowledge

1.2. It adds alot more meaning to the story

2. Prior Knowledge

2.1. Meaning

2.1.1. Using what you know to help you understand the passage

2.2. Activating it means using what you already know to understand something new

3. Connections

3.1. Meaning

3.1.1. Its like building Bridges It links what you are reading to your own life or something that concerns you text to text text to world text to life

3.2. How?

3.2.1. Look for connections that help you understand and enjoy what you read

3.3. New node

4. Summarizing

4.1. Figuring out what is IMPORTANT and explaining it in YOUR OWN WORDS!

4.2. Important points

4.2.1. It should not have many details

4.2.2. A good one helps you remember what you read New node

4.2.3. Remember to place the main idea first before the details of the sammary

4.3. Be more concise and precise

5. Questioning

5.1. Meaning

5.1.1. Helps find information and focus attention on what's important

5.2. To understand better, use questions like:

5.2.1. "When"

5.2.2. "Why"

5.2.3. "What if"

5.2.4. "I wonder"

5.2.5. "How"

6. Evaluating

6.1. Means Rating the compre that we read

6.2. To have a better understanding

6.2.1. By making a judgment about what you read

7. Synthesizing

7.1. Meaning

7.1.1. Put "pieces" together to see them in a new way

7.1.2. Learning from what you read and add new ideas to it

7.1.3. Different way of looking at things Ends up with a new understanding

7.2. Thinking sometimes changes

8. Visualizing

8.1. Meaning

8.1.1. Forming pictures using ideas from what you read in your head New node

8.2. Have a better view on what is being read

9. New node