Mitosis And Meiosis

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Mitosis And Meiosis by Mind Map: Mitosis And Meiosis

1. determines a characteristic of the organism

2. DNA contains 4 bases, shortened to A, T, C and G

3. Full number in humans of chromosomes in body cells is 46

3.1. Asexual reproduction involves mitosis

3.2. makes egg cells in the ovaries

4. makes genetically identical cells (Clones) for reproduction/growth

5. genes

6. cells split into 2 daughter cells

7. chromosome copied

7.1. cells dividing

8. daughters split 2nd time into Haploid gametes

9. Made up of DNA

10. Stem cells have all their genes switched on at all times

11. Mitosis

12. Meiosis

13. Inheritance & genetics

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