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FOSS Africa Convention by Mind Map: FOSS Africa Convention
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FOSS Africa Convention

Let's set some big, hairy, audacious goals  



Lots of talk, not enough walk

Lack of adoption of OSS

Lack of code of conduct

Limited skills


Indlelo5 in ZA

Defragment OSS role players

Cleanup OSS industry


Silos of information

Fragmented community



Our proposal is that GITOC Open Source Standing Committee should form a working group that comprises; - Academia (R&D) - Government - Business - Public   Include representation from influential people, communities, groups etc. i.e.: inclusive (not exclusive)   Invite participation from experts outside of the country, who has successfully brought about change in their fields, countries etc. Eg: FOSSFA, IBSA, AVOIR and other   Agree on an aggregated platform (commons = Indlela)  for communication, activities and sharing the success stories.   Goals To defragment and cleanup the open source software industry in South Africa and cultivate a healthy, enabling FOSS culture To unlock the potential for open source software to develop and improve the state of the IT infrastructure in South Africa To implement existing OSS policies (2005) through the establishment of ONE chartered institute to represent members in OSS To identify & resolve issues facing OSS role players through an audit of the state of FOSS   Activities Host a national event such as Indlelo in South Africa in 2011 as a starting point to unlock the potential of open source software solutions to benefit society at large.   Programme TBA by Working Group  


... as Proposed at the FOSS Africa Convention, held from 19-21 April 2010 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg.  


Should be inclusive, NOT exclusive.


Working Group activities to be discussed once the group has been formed.


1. Proposal to be sent to Ntabiseng, the current Chairperson of OSS in Government at the next GSOC meeting on ?????? by Michael Serero.   2. Proposal to be sent to Nnenna, the current Chairperson of FOSSFA, at the next meeting on ???? by George .......