Cyrano de Bergerac

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Cyrano de Bergerac by Mind Map: Cyrano de Bergerac

1. Act I

1.1. Setting of the Play

1.1.1. Hotel de Bergon

1.1.2. Night Time

1.2. The play "La Clorise"

1.2.1. Stopped by Cyrano Montefleury was told to leave the Theatre

1.2.2. Montefleury was banned but was in the play anyways

1.3. Ligniere's Writing

1.3.1. Insults De Guiche Reason for sending 100 men after him Cyrano hurts his hand

1.4. Insulting Cyrano's Features

1.4.1. His nose The easiest way to get him angry at you Most likely to get killed if you insult him badly about it

1.4.2. His body Not as bad as insulting his nose

1.5. Ballade Extempore with swords

1.5.1. Cyrano gets mad at Valvert

1.5.2. Cyrano decides to make up a ballade on the spot while they are sword fighting He explains exactly what he is going to do while he is fighting in his ballade

1.6. Christian and Roxane's love

1.6.1. Both secretly love each other Love each others looks

1.6.2. Learn Roxane loves Christian in Ragueneau's pastry shop

1.6.3. Learn Christian loves Roxane in the theatre

1.7. The Actor Montefleury

1.7.1. Banned from Stage Shows up in the play anyways Cyrano stops him and kicks him out right away Bad Actor Flirts with Roxane

1.8. Cyrano's view of his problems

1.8.1. Ugly

1.8.2. Huge nose Gets people in a lot of trouble when they insult him about his nose

1.8.3. Over weight

1.9. A meeting that is arranged for Cyrano

1.9.1. Duenna approaches him and they plan a meeting for Cyrano and Roxane Will be at Ragueneau's Pastry Shop

1.10. Cyrano's Impending Battle

1.10.1. 100 men Sent after Ligniere Ligniere insulted De Guiche in a poem

2. Act II

2.1. The Poet's Bill

2.1.1. The poets don't need money they pay in poetry in exchange for food Ragueneau's wife isn't very happy with him

2.2. Rageuneau's Wrapping paper

2.2.1. Wife rips apart his book of poetry Rageuneau gets mad but leaves it alone

2.3. The effects of Cyrano's battle

2.3.1. Cyrano and the 100 men Cyrano's hand gets cut Roxane fixes it up while they talk about love

2.4. Pastries and the Duenna

2.4.1. Cyrano gives her pastries He makes her eat the pastries and read the wrapping paper

2.4.2. Cyrano needs to talk to Roxane privately

2.5. Cyrano and Roxane's Past

2.5.1. She only thinks of him as a big brother He protects her

2.5.2. He loves her

2.6. Roxane Seeing a Lover's soul

2.6.1. Sees it through their eyes

2.6.2. See the inner beauty through the outer beauty

2.7. A promise concerning Christian

2.7.1. Roxane makes Cyrano promise be Christian's friend Have no Harm come to him No duels concerning Christian

2.8. Christian and Cyrano's bargain

2.8.1. Cyrano will write a letter for Christian to Roxane if he stays out of trouble

2.9. De Guiche bearing insults

2.9.1. De Guiche is insulted by Ligniere's poem about him De Guiche sends 100 men after him to kill him Cyrano's hand gets hurt from the battle

2.10. Cyrano's Letter

2.10.1. Cyrano was going to give the letter to Roxane Roxane told him how she felt about Christian Cyrano gave the letter he was going to give to Roxane, to Christian so he could give it to Roxane

3. Act III

3.1. Ragueneau's Past

3.1.1. His wife left him for a Musketeer He tried to hang himself Cyrano cut him down before he could kill himself

3.2. Roxane's favorite intellectual

3.2.1. She thinks Christian has a great soul so she thinks he is a good intellectual

3.2.2. Cyrano is writing Christian's letters so Cyrano is really her favorite intellectual

3.3. Do Guiche's promotion and power

3.3.1. He was promoted to Colonel

3.3.2. He now has the power to send off Cyrano and Christian's group off to the Siege

3.4. Roxane's revenge plan

3.4.1. She was going to keep Cyrano's group from going to the siege

3.5. Christian and three little words

3.5.1. Christian can't think of anything better to say then "I Love You"

3.5.2. Christian doesn't really write the letters to Roxane and that is what Roxane is expecting to hear from him

3.6. Cyrano's Poetry

3.6.1. Cyrano takes Christian's place and talks poetry to her

3.6.2. The light isn't showing on Cyrano so Roxane can't tell that it's him. The dark hides the truth

3.7. Roxane's offering of a kiss

3.7.1. If she gave a kiss right away she would've kissed Cyrano

3.7.2. There was an opportunity for Christian and Cyrano to switch so Christian climbed up the vines to get a kiss from Roxane

3.8. Persuading a Capuchin

3.8.1. A Capuchin was needed to be stalled so Cyrano was sent to stall him

3.8.2. Cyrano persuaded him that he was from the moon and has traveled through the stars

3.8.3. This was all happening because Roxane and Christian needed to be married without being interrupted by Capuchin

3.9. Cyrano's diversionary travels

3.9.1. Cyrano was able to get out of there before the wedding was over Roxane and Christian are now married

3.10. The deployment of the Guards

3.10.1. De Guiche gets mad and sends Christian and Cyrano up to the front line

3.10.2. Roxane and Christian getting married was the reason for him getting mad

4. Act IV

4.1. The siege and Cyrano's promise

4.2. A fate Cyrano would prefer

4.2.1. He wouldn't care to die by a sword of someone that is noble enough

4.3. De Guiche and the Cadets' hatred

4.4. A humiliating Scarf

4.4.1. De Guiche says he took off his scarf to save his life so they could win Cyrano pulls out the scarf that he took off in enemy lines out of his pocket Cyrano only got it because he was previously taking letters over enemy lines for Christian

4.5. The use of a spanish spy

4.5.1. De Guiche has a spanish Spy When he waves it then the spy knows thats where they should attack next

4.6. A surprise visit at camp

4.6.1. Roxane shows up with Rageuneau

4.6.2. She comes to camp because of Christians letters

4.6.3. Roxane gets past the guards by "flirting" with them and saying she is here to see her lover and smiles at them

4.7. Ragueneau's hidden supplies

4.7.1. All around the carriage there is food for the boys at the siege

4.8. Roxane's reason for first loving

4.8.1. Roxane finally tells Christian that the first reason for loving him was his looks, not his soul

4.9. Christian's scorn for his soul

4.9.1. Roxane loves Cyrano's soul, not Christian's

4.10. Cyrano avenging two deaths

4.10.1. Christian died He had to keep Roxane away from his body after she got the letter The letter had Christians blood on it but Cyrano's tears Cyrano died along with him because now Roxane will be longing for him and his poetry and will never be able to tell her the truth

5. Act V

5.1. Roxane's new home

5.1.1. Roxane now lives in a nun home

5.1.2. She enjoys being there

5.2. Cyrano and the nuns

5.2.1. He jokes around with the nuns and makes them laugh

5.2.2. All of the nuns like him

5.3. Time for Cyrano's visits

5.3.1. Cyrano visits Roxane every Saturday He's been doing this for 15 years now

5.4. A letter close to the heart

5.4.1. Roxane has had the letter close to her that Christian had on him the day he died

5.4.2. She memorized the entire letter

5.5. Cyrano attacking falsehoods

5.5.1. Nobles

5.5.2. Saints

5.5.3. Heroes

5.5.4. Artists

5.6. De Guiche's jealousy for Cyrano

5.6.1. He will never be able to live the way Cyrano did

5.7. Falling Logs of vengeance

5.7.1. Now Cyrano knows that he has to tell Roxane it was him all along before he dies

5.7.2. A log hit Cyrano on the head during construction so if he tries to lift his head he will die

5.8. Comparison with a leaf

5.8.1. He would like to die gracefully like a leaf

5.8.2. it feels like flying when a leaf falls

5.9. Truth thanks to obscure light

5.9.1. There was barely any light so it is impossible for Cyrano to read it. Roxane sees, he has memorized it, she realizes what has been happening

5.9.2. Roxane realizes who was writing for Christian

5.10. A loss felt twice

5.10.1. Roxane feels now like she has lost her husband twice now

5.10.2. Christian has died

5.10.3. Cyrano has died