Top Tools for Teachers

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Top Tools for Teachers by Mind Map: Top Tools for Teachers

1. For Teachers

1.1. LiveBinders:

1.1.1. Content/Learning Management Solution

1.1.2. Easily link to or embed other tools

1.1.3. Clunky interface for editors, cleaner for students if it is shared

1.1.4. Likely not a tool students will use on their own

1.2. Twitter:

1.2.1. Multiple uses, so training on it is transferable to other tasks

1.2.2. Can be used professional to build digital footprints or PLNs

1.2.3. Public nature of accounts and tweets should be carefully considered

1.2.4. Known accessibility issues that should be considered

1.3. Scribblar:

1.3.1. Interactive and collaborative web-based whiteboard

1.3.2. Allows students to contribute to visual presentation, or through chat and audio, but interface is a bit clunky

1.3.3. Requires Flash/Java to run, so has some accessibility issues

1.3.4. Hosting of data is unclear from documentation, so may require more investigation

2. For Students

2.1. Wiggio:

2.1.1. Allows students to self-organize in groups

2.1.2. Variety of built-in tools, like calendars and to-do lists to help keep students on task

2.1.3. Variety of integrations with with social media and cloud tools

2.1.4. Variety of integrations means data is crossing boarders and moving between various accounts and companies

2.2. Twitter:

2.2.1. Relatively low learning curve make this a "friendly" tool

2.2.2. Variety of media sharing possibilities

2.2.3. Relatively "open" so safety issue should be carefully considered

2.2.4. Must be over 13 years of age to create an account

2.3. MindMeister:

2.3.1. Clean user interface with relatively low learning curve

2.3.2. Can be used as independent study tool or for class assignments

2.3.3. Free version allows only 3 mind maps to be created at one time

2.3.4. Using presentation mode is more clunky then mind map creation