Evaluation Questions: 3&4

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Evaluation Questions: 3&4 by Mind Map: Evaluation Questions: 3&4

1. Description

1.1. These questions are a self reflection on the media we have produced we have created and also makes us think if we done this successfully.

1.2. Think about different forms of media; Newspaper, radio, phones etc..

1.3. Think about the main audience teenagers/girls

2. Q4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

2.1. Social Media

2.1.1. To target the audience (RESEARCH) Facebook Twitter Instagram Blogger

2.2. Music Sites

2.2.1. To research and help plan the genre we are using

2.2.2. Inspire our own music video Youtube

2.3. Radio

2.3.1. To see if our artist Rita Ora was popular at the time, no

2.4. Internet

2.4.1. To research other songs/videos fromt the artist and also to plan our locations we would film Google Fansites

2.5. Phones

2.5.1. Keep up to date with info

2.6. Evaluation

2.6.1. Multi media applications Prezi Slideshare Powtoon Emaze

2.6.2. To develp and display my answers

3. Q3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?

3.1. Girls

3.1.1. Relation Clothing (Latest Trends)

3.1.2. Location The location intrigue the audience as its familiar locations in London

3.1.3. Concept The audience found the concept interesting as it displayed fully about Sanaa having fun although she is by herself there is plenty going on.

3.1.4. Others Audience normally have similar interests Shop in similar places to Sanaa Can also interest others than the target audience

3.2. Teenagers (13-21+)

3.2.1. They thought the artist had a good perosnality

3.2.2. good positive energy

3.2.3. Fix up the sync

3.2.4. good editing

3.2.5. keep up the energy Good vibe we link in with target audience