Comprehension Skills 1E3

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Comprehension Skills 1E3 by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills 1E3

1. Evaluating

1.1. To pick out important criteria and make a judgement based on it with the ability to explain why

1.2. it is also the ability to pick out information that you want to find by satisfying certain factors or criteria

2. questioning

2.1. Allows you to find information to be able to understand the passage or story better by asking questions, acquiring more knowledge

2.1.1. Through further inquiry,enables a more in-depth understanding of the text, hence allowing better grasp of its content.

3. Inferring

3.1. To figure out an unknown fact that is not provided by the author of writer

3.1.1. To read between the lines of passages or letters and pick out certain clues that might have a meaning behind it Read the words in the same paragraph and try to substitute another word that new word which still makes sense.

4. synthesizing

4.1. To apply and learn more about something or someone as you read and understand the passage

4.1.1. to have a different opinion of a part of the passage

5. New node