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Scenario by Mind Map: Scenario
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People Involved

Michael Magoo

Alla Bord

Sam Bupkis

Giant Corp.

Expert Electronics Engineer


Bupkis v. Giant Corp.

Bupkis v. Magoo

Bupkis v. Bord


Magoo designing new recorder for home use. Under Giant Corp.

Magoo subcontracts printed circuit design to Alla Bord

Bord prepares schematic of design and send to Magoo

Magoo requests changes to make board layout more efficient

Changes include changing location of power supply

Bord makes requested changes but attempts to warn magoo over the phone that the changes will work but might increase risk of shock to any consumer who opens the device

Magoo does not understand Bord and assures Bord he has done a good job.

new design saves money for Giant Corp.

During Alpha testing Sam Bupkis with best buy visits and touches one of the exposed recorders and gets shocked