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Owen by Kevin Henkes by Mind Map: Owen by Kevin Henkes
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Owen by Kevin Henkes

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

5. Mrs. Tweezer's explains the vinegar trick to Owen's parents. When Owen wasn't looking, his father dipped his favorite corner into a jar of vinegar.

3. Owen's parents tell him about the Blanket Fairy. They ask Owen to put Fuzzy under his pillow and explain that in the morning a gift will be waiting for him in Fuzzy's place.

1. Owen has a blanket, Fuzzy, that he takes with him everywhere.

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2. Mrs. Tweezer, Owen's neighbor, tries to convince his parents to take Fuzzy away. First she suggests the blanket fairly.

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4. Owen sticks fuzzy in his pajama pants so that the Blanket Fairy cannot take him.

6. Owen smells the vinegar and chooses a new favorite corner. He rubs the smelly corner around in his sandbox and the garden until it doesn't smell anymore.

7. Owen's parents tell him that he cannot bring Fuzzy to school. Owen is very upset and starts to cry.

8. Suddenly, Owen's mother gets an ideas. She takes Owen's blanket and begins to snips and sew it.

9. Owen's mother makes his blanket into many handkerchiefs so that he can take a piece of Fuzzy with him to school every day.