Comprehension Skills

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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills

1. Evaluating

1.1. Evaluating means making a judgement about what you read, and explaining why. Did you find the information you need? Did the author use interesting words?Were there great pictures? Those are called criteria.

2. Visualizing

2.1. Visualizing is like creating a movie in your mind while you read. You try to see, hear, feel and even smell what is going on. Your mind movie helps you to understand and remember what you read and it is fun!

3. Summarizing

3.1. Summarizing means figuring out what's really important in the text and explaining it in your own words. A summary should be short - you don't tell all the details. A good summary will help you remember what you read

4. Synthesising

4.1. Synthesising means reforming the sentence such that the sentence becomes shorter,but of course, the meaning is still the same. You can also replace some words with stronger words that holds more meaning.This is called synthesising.

5. Prior Knowledge

5.1. Activating your prior knowledge means using what you already know to help you understand something new.It's like putting on your thinking cap and pulling out thoughts that can help you understand what you're reading.

6. Making connections