Comprehension Skills

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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills

1. Reading

1.1. 1. Skim through the passage once, taking note of the storyline and main points.

1.1.1. 2. Look through the questions 3. Read through the passage

1.2. done by amanda

2. Questioning

2.1. 5Ws, 1H

2.1.1. Who, what where, when, why, how

2.2. done by amanda

3. Evaluating

3.1. Comparing and making judgements on your answers, stating the relevant keypoints

3.1.1. Explain why.

3.2. done by amanda

4. Inferring

4.1. Based on your given passage, infer from it to get clues and ideas of what was not stated in the passage.

4.1.1. By inferring, you can grasp and find out deeper meanings that are hidden within the story.

4.2. done by amanda

5. Prior knowledge

5.1. Using your general knowledge to understand the passage

5.2. done by amanda

6. Synthesizing

6.1. A creative process that involves combining the keys of comprehension into a focused idea that has personal meaning for you, the reader.

6.1.1. Determine main ideas and requires the reader to make acute judgement.

6.2. done by amanda

7. Summarising

7.1. Selecting the main points/key ideas of the story

7.2. done by amanda

8. Visualising

8.1. Visualise the story in your mind.

8.1.1. picturing how the various characters interact and their feelings and expressions Picturing yourself in the character's shoes can help you understand the story better.

8.2. done by amanda