Comprehension Skills

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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills

1. Summarizing

1.1. Summarizing is when you shorten a piece of text. You pick out the important/main points and try to rephrase them into your own words.

2. Questioning

2.1. Questioning is when you ask questions about the text.

3. Evaluating

3.1. New node

4. Inferring

4.1. Inferring is when you figure out the meaning of the sentences by using clues given in the text.

5. Using Prior Knowledge

5.1. Using what you already know to understand the text.

6. Making Connections

6.1. New node

6.2. connect text with other text

7. Synthesising

7.1. Synthesising is putting the different parts of a text together to see them in a new way.

8. Visualising

8.1. Visualising is when you picture the story in your head as you read.

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