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Youth Work Perspective by Mind Map: Youth Work Perspective
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Youth Work Perspective




Relationships are always Male and Female but they can also be two people of the same sex. For a young person growing up can be hard but trying to understand your own sexuality makes life harder. There is nothing wrong with the same sex attracted relationships but some young people see it to be wrong and therefore make life harder for those to feel comfortable with their partners. This impacts young people on a big scale and its important that the young people know they have support and they dont have to be ashamed of who they are.


Welfare and family need to work together in order for the young person to live a stable life and have the support they need. If there are problems at home sometimes depending on the severity of the situation welfare maybe called and its their job to ensure the young person is living in a safe ans stable home. The welfare and family then need to work together to ensure that each party is getting what they need to be able to deal with the situation that are occuring.




Culture and Religion are/ can be influenced on you by family. Youths dont get to choose their culture but as they get older are able to find their own beliefs and religions. Cultures play a large part in life and can influence the people who choose to hang around with although their decisions might not always be the right ones. Their are so many religions out their to choose from and we have to be conscious of each of them. Everyone has the right to believe in what they choose and we as youth workers need to ensure we dont let our beliefs interfer with theirs.

Health Care

Social Class and Health Care are linked because this is a major part of a young persons life. The young person may not be working but because their parent/s earn to much they are then unable to claim health care and therefore are told they are to pay full price for medications and/or appointments. The young person doesn't have to money to afford private care and is at a disadvantage to claim for health care.


Education is important for people in order to get a good job and be able to survive in society in now days. A young person needs to study hard to be able to get a job but sometimes the young person may loose track or sight of what they want or feel as if school isnt for them. Its important to keep the young person encouraged help to empower them to show them they can succeed and youth really need to study and get an education.  


Although these may seem weird to be linked together i strongly believe that money and language could have a massive impact on a young person. If a youth does not speak fluent english they may be taken advantage of even if the can speak fluent english, if they are of another race they may also be taken advantage of in the work force. An employer could see this as a way to get a job done for a low wage and therefore can be looked upon as slave labour. It's important that the young person have a voice whether it be their own or an advocate to ensure they are not being taken advantage of.

Social Class