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Figtern Wiki by Mind Map: Figtern Wiki
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Figtern Wiki

technical considerations

hosting options

self hosted, pros, control over data, control over the look and function of the site, New node, cons, harder to set up, we have to do our own data back up, probably have to update the software ourselves

hosting service, Pros, much easier to set up, software may be updated by the company, Cons, what if the company shuts down the website/ do we lose data, less control over the look/ function of the site

easily accessable no matter where you are

password protected access


Figtern handbook

Documents for use

interview questions for the intern applicants, possibly online adn import data directly into a google doc

how to set up lighting in fig east

New node

current intern hour logs

how to answer the phones

links to resources, good FCP tuts, Good Photo tuts, user names and passwords, tips on using the equipment here, links to google documents

fig intern contact info

Fig staff contact info

link to figtern applicant document

roles defined








open gigs list

meeting notes

notes from the intern meetings go here as a way to archive

wiki or blog based???


pros, better data base backend, can create profiles, can use the post format to have ongoing brainstorming sessions

cons, blog is much harder to set up but int he end could look much better


pros, keeping the information up todate is easier and can be done by all