How To Design Your Site

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How To Design Your Site by Mind Map: How To Design Your Site

1. 1) Do NOT seek beauty

1.1. Seek usability

1.2. Beauty, elegance will emerge as a by-product of a legible, well organized and usable design

2. 2) Tailor-made or Commercial?

2.1. go for a web designer?


2.2. buy a ready-made template

2.2.1. have it customized

2.3. use a free template

2.3.1. Where to find free website design templates

2.3.2. Where to find commercial website templates

3. 3) Look at other successful design "patterns" and improve / remix on them

3.1. Give your designer specific references

3.2. by using existing "design patterns" on other sites

3.3. Check best design galleries

4. 4) Do NOT waste your time in decorating your site

4.1. avoid "cool" mastheads that take away too much vertical screen real estate

4.2. avoid crowding up too much your pages

4.3. the more stuff the less chance for your readers to discover it

5. 5) Make each page your home page

5.1. most readers do not land on your home page

5.2. nor will ever visit it

6. 6) Do not overload your design with too many add-ons and plugins

6.1. too many distractions are not OK

6.2. your site speed may be negatively influenced

7. 7) Don't fall in love with your favorite design

7.1. it is not for you

7.2. what you like has no value

7.3. it is how well people can make it valuable for them that counts

8. 8) Test and Improve what Works NOT what people like

8.1. do it on an ongoing basis

9. 9) State Clearly What You Are All About

9.1. make your design express who you are