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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle
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Four Causes


Matter or substance


The cause


What makes it what it is


Its purpose

Prime Mover

Something that causes motion and change in the universe

Necessary existance

Is THE Final cause of the universe

Considered to be God

Is separate from the universe

Only activity is thinking about himself

Differences from Plato

Studies the physical world, not a world of ideas

Rejects the theory of Forms

Rejects Plato's idea of the eternal soul (Aristotle says the soul is mortal)


Aristotle's God appears impotent, he can't interact with the world

Relationship between the Prime Mover and the universe is unclear

Is there a clear final cause of the universe?

Influence on Christianity

HUGE! (especially in Catholicism)

Most of Aquinas' philosophy was a development of Aristotles' (cosmological)

Prime Mover idea developed into the current ideas about the nature of God