Sport Informatics and Analytics

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Sport Informatics and Analytics by Mind Map: Sport Informatics and Analytics

1. Pattern Recognition

1.1. Systematic Observation

1.1.1. Literature Overviews Darst et al (1989) Anguera and Mendo (2013) Morgan, Muir and Abraham (2014) Sport Specific Basketball Football Rugby Union Volleyball Baseball Emergence Martin and Helmerson (2014) Halley et al (2012) Eriksonet al (2011)

1.1.2. Systems CAIS Cushion et al (2012) GSEQ-SDIS Sarmento et al (2014) Lapresa et al (2013) SOF-CODER Jonsson et al (2006) THEME Borrie, Jonsson and Magnusson (2002) Jonsson et al (2014) ASUOI Potrac, Jones and Cushion (2007) Becker and Wrisberg (2008) SSG Turnnidge et al (2014) CAI More and Franks (1996) ALT-PE Silverman, Devillier and ramirez (1991) StatDNA Arsenal SAP SAP and Bayern Munich Mobile Geeks DFB and SAP Tennis Tennis 2012 HANA Tennis (2014) Bayern Munich Microsoft SAS Rowing (2014) IBM Sportradar Hudl Performance Innovations

1.1.3. Other Examples Running Analysis Noraxon

1.2. Machine Learning

1.2.1. Supervised Learning Roland Goecke Introduction to Pattern Recognition (1) Introduction to Pattern Recognition (2) Jason Corso Neural Nets Data and Databases Examples Methods Stanford Machine Learning Pattern Classification (2001) Test Data Neural Network

1.2.2. Prediction

1.2.3. Classification

1.2.4. Literature Christopher Bishop (2006) Introduction Probability Distributions Linear Models for Regression Graphical Models Iain Murray (2010) Graham Williams (2011) John Quinn (2011) Manuel Fernandez-Delgado et al (2014) Deep Learning Lin et al (2014) Wikipedia

1.2.5. Data Science Coursera

1.2.6. Stephen Pettigrew's R Tutorials Other R Resources

1.2.7. R Resources

1.3. Making Sense of Data: Big Pictures, Small Pieces

1.3.1. Expert Systems

1.3.2. Phenomenography Ference Marton (1981) Bill and Phenomenography (2014)

1.3.3. Ecologies and Dynamic Systems Ecologies of Performance (2014) Advances from an Ecological Dynamics approach (2013) Headrick et al (2011)

1.3.4. John Snow Wilson (2013) Robin Wilson

1.3.5. Google Flu Kent Anderson (2014) Lazer, Kennedy and Vespignani (2014)

1.3.6. International Association for Pattern Recognition

1.3.7. John Wilkins (2013) The Nature of Classification (2013)

1.3.8. Big Data Real Time Issues Jennifer Ouellette (2013) Adam Tanner (2014)

1.3.9. Greg Muender (2014)

1.3.10. Yoon et al (2012) Guenther and Bradley (2013) PhD Giot and Cherrier (2014)

1.3.11. Iterative algorithms (2014)

1.3.12. Lucey et al (2015)

2. Using this Mind Mapping App

2.1. How I created the framework

2.1.1. How I created the content

3. OERu Unit Sport Informatics and Analytics