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Basecamp by Mind Map: Basecamp

1. Super Admin

1.1. Content Management System

1.1.1. Home Page Addons Latest News Blogs Privacy Policy Refund Policy Security info Social Media About Us

1.1.2. Plans Monthly Rate/month Number of active projects Memory space Yearly rate/year Number of active projects Memory space Proprity support Trial plan Number of Days Number of projects Memory space

1.1.3. Support Service Team FAQs/HelpGuide Video Tutorials/Online classes Queries Reason Question Upload File account URL

1.2. User Management

1.2.1. User data Active User Document User's plan Non Active User

2. Admin

2.1. Account Management

2.1.1. Account Details Account Name Currently Active Projects Project Details

2.1.2. Billing and Invoices Current plan Update Renew Invoicing details Update Continue

2.1.3. Export Data Export Project

2.1.4. Cancel an Account

2.2. Project Management

2.2.1. Create Project Blank project Project Name Project Description Team Using template Create Template Select Template

2.2.2. To-do lists Create Name Add to-dos Assign Email id Date Attachments File Google doc Reorder Comment Delete

2.2.3. Discussions View Oldest Last updated Archieve single as a bunch

2.2.4. File Sharing Type Text Image Video Audio

2.2.5. Archieve Project

2.2.6. Progress Day Today Yesterday Date Time hh:mm AM/PM Project Name

2.2.7. Delete Project

2.2.8. Everything about all projects Every Discussion sort details All to-dos details Edit Delete All files Details Edit Delete All text documents sort Details Edit Delete All deleted items Name Date Restore

2.2.9. Set access for Clients Grant access View Post Comment NO access

2.3. Calendar Management

2.3.1. Create Stand Alone Calendar Name Color Project Calendar iCal Name Subscription Link

2.3.2. View Default Agenda

2.3.3. Navigate

2.3.4. Settings Name Color People invite via Email

2.3.5. Event management Single Day Add Edit Settings View Cancel Multiday Add Edit View Cancel

2.3.6. Alert Notification via Email Reminder on the day the day before two days before on the morning of the first day of the event

2.4. Profile Management

2.4.1. Personal info Photo First Name Last Name Email-id Timezone User name Password Security Add mobile number to account

2.4.2. Projects info Date Time Project Name Activity

2.4.3. Notifications

2.4.4. Settings Notification settings email options calendar options

2.5. User Management

2.5.1. Users Current Profile pic Name Add new Email id Accessible entities See who has Superpowers? user name Privileges

2.5.2. Comapnies already Company name Total number of users Add new users Make a new company Company name Add users

3. User

3.1. Privileged

3.1.1. Admin

3.1.2. Can create Projects

3.1.3. privilege for Billing and Liaison

3.2. Non privileged