Collaborative work

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1. Snow Leopards

1.1. Nurin, Lyka,Bryan

2. Tasks

2.1. Nurin

2.2. Lyka

2.3. New node

3. Kinetic

3.1. Kinetic energy is motion — of waves, molecules, objects & substances.

4. Potential

4.1. Stored energy

4.1.1. Gravitational The higher and heavier the object, the more gravitational energy is stored

4.1.2. Chemical stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules. Biomass, petroleum, natural gas, food and coal are examples of stored chemical energy.

4.1.3. Elastic Mechanical Energy is energy stored in objects by tension. Compressed springs and stretched rubber bands are examples of stored mechanical energy.

4.1.4. Electrical

4.1.5. Nuclear

4.2. Get Chocolate Everyday Everytime Now!

5. My Geistesblitzes

5.1. Writing is not easy